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Thank you for being part of our larger family by directly supporting us so we can generate an impact, serve the public good, and make a difference in your life and in the lives of music lovers worldwide. Click here to read more on why we do what we have to do and how we intend to use the collected donations.


Every donor will get a private link to our Spotify playlist (updated biweekly), discounts to our limited edition merchandise and early access to future events.

We pursue our mission by relentlessly striving for curatorial excellence in our programming, and remain relevant to music lovers of all ages and it is made possible through the support of individual donors, volunteers, business supporters, corporate and foundation gifts, and funding from the local and federal government.


Unfortunately, fono is a registered enterprise / sole proprietorship and we have yet to figure out tax exemption for personal donations. All transactions will be documented and a year-end report will be available upon request.

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